"Last Tuesday, uniquely spectacular organ music filled Dimnent Chapel. Not only did Yun Kyong Kim, the visiting organist, perform a technically diverse program, she provoked a wide span of human emotions within the audience. Her music, played on Hope College’s Skinner Organ, made the audience both laugh, cry and feel everything in between. One thing was for sure —at the end of the night, no one left the performance without a smile on their face."

Alicia Ghastin, The Hope College Anchor

"She grabbed us at the very start of her program and never let us go."

Albert Adcock, Director, Regional AGO Convention Committee

"... a remarkable performance ..."

John Gregory Fitzgerald, The American Organist magazine

"Organ recitals of all types can be found in the catalogues. Too many include all too familiar potboilers regardless of the suitability or otherwise of the instrument. It is good to encounter a disc ("Of Another Time") with a programme which has been so lovingly compiled and played, excellently recorded and presented with notes and photographs helpful and interesting to the listener. In fact I enjoyed the programme as a whole, not least for being clearly devised for consecutive listening and for including such a delectable mixture. Perhaps neither the organ, the player nor the programme are likely to be well known to the wider musical public, but on the basis of this disc they certainly deserve to be."

John Sheppard, MusicWeb International

"The chapter kicked off the season with 'The Performer Within You,' presented by virtuoso organist Yun Kyong Kim. In her engaging presentation, she amiably told the story of her journey from a young pianist to a life-long lover of the organ. [...] Kim's expertise, graciousness, and good humor were on display the next evening when she played a stunning recital on the Skinner organ at Hope College's Dimnent Chapel."

Stephen Jenkins, The American Organist magazine

"What a delight to hear a disc ("Of Another Time") where each track is a surprise and a revelation of beauty! Kim plays with warmth, sensitivity, flawless technique, engagement, and style. The organ sounds gorgeous, and in Kim's hands, it's no wonder."

Jonathan Dimmock, Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians

"... her keen ear for color and her skillful fingers and feet make music with such ease that you just lean back and let it wash over you. Warmly recommended!"

George Bozeman, Jr., The Tracker (Journal of the Organ Historical Society)

"From start to finish, Kim had the enthusiastic attention of her audience. She opened with the energetic and jazz-influenced work Live Wire by contemporary British composer Iain Farrington. Gigout’s Minuetto followed, which enjoyed a performance akin to the grace of a ballerina. Infrequently does one have the opportunity to be exposed to minimalism in organ recitals, but Kim’s audience was riveted to the Fantaisie sur “Une jeune fillette" by contemporary Dutch composer Bert Matter. Returning to more “mainstream" programming, Kim closed her program with two settings of variations on Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr by Sweelinck and Scheidt, and concluded with Bach’s monumental Passacaglia, BWV 582. Kim’s performance of the Bach was noteworthy for its rock solid tempo throughout and stylistic ornamentation in the final measures."

John Linker, The American Organist magazine

"One of the recitalists at the convention was Yun Kyong Kim, a member of the Dayton Chapter (and a former Dean there), who is a nationally and internationally known recitalist, competition winner, and currently organist and choirmaster at Christ Church in Dayton. She brought the convention to a wild standing ovation with the opening piece, “Live Wire" by Iain Farrington, a young British composer who works in the jazz style."

Robert Benson, Dean of the Cincinnati Chapter of the AGO

"Yun Kyong Kim plays with great élan."

"[S]he saved a fun surprise for last. Indiana native Wendell Willkie ran his 1940 election campaign for president from Rushville, Indiana [location of the recital]. So, led by the organ, we sang his campaign song: "We Want Willkie!". It was loads of fun and a real period piece!"

"Yun Kyong Kim ended her program with the Etude in D Minor from Four Concert Etudes, op. 51, no. 4 (1904) by George Elbridge Whiting. This was a brilliant performance, with wonderful and varied colors from a 12-stop organ."

Frank Rippl, OHS national convention recital reviews in The Diapason

"[Kim's] Berea recital was exciting, sparkling and just plain fun, a high point of the convention for so many with whom I talked."

Effie Sue Kemerley, Dean of the Dayton Chapter of the AGO

"We thank YOU for a wonderful recital - I've heard nothing but rave reviews! As I said when you were here, the variety was excellent, and it is nice to hear new literature well-played once in a while. It was fun to have you here."

Ann Wade, Concert hostess, Louisville, KY

"[Your proposed program] is simply amazing! And so typical of your energetic and creative programming. The first time my wife and I heard you play was on a little Felgemaker at OHS in Indiana in 2007. A pleasant but mild little organ, but your playing really made it dance! And since then, we have truly admired your programming and your playing."

Brooks Grantier, 2013 Region V AGO Convention Committee

"I wanted to let you know again how fantastic I thought you were at the cathedral! Thank you for so carefully preparing such a thoughtfully-conceived and rendered recital."

Howard Helvey, composer and pianist